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Left: Claudio AZZOLINI, Chairman of the Organizing Committee of Turin Fashion Week Right: Lou Jiayue, founder of Ashram (Photo: Business Wire)

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During the event, Lou Jiayue, a movie star, made her appearance, representing the Chinese team.

Lou Jiayue, with a bottle of thorn pear juice, made a relaxed gesture, in stark contrast to the intense atmosphere.

The Chinese drink made its debut at the fashion week. The seemingly irrelevant connection was made by the taste and health, from China to Italy and from Guizhou’s scenery to Turin fashion. The drink held much attraction for those paying closing attention to health and fashion.

The thorn pear juice stems from the Yunnan-Guizhou Plateau. The yellow thorn pear is shot through with fashion and, more relevantly, its pulp is more nutritious than general fruits and the content of Vitamin C is extremely high. Therefore, the juice has enjoyed tremendous popularity in recent years.

Fashion refers to the forward-thinking attitude and leadership, in addition to dressing-up. Each transformation and advancement of fashion is oriented to the needs of human beings, from daily necessities to well-being. The Chinese thorn pear is no exception.

Lou Jiayue was lavish in her praise for the happiness in the fashion capital and from her point of view, it is enjoyable amid the atmosphere.

It is typical of fashion charm and Italian charm. Industrial and natural resources in Guizhou pave the way for innovation, thus making the product go global. With innovative thinking and style, the product, full of charm, has stayed ahead of the curve among Chinese farming enterprises.

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