Where Mountains Meet

Where Mountains Meet

Out of exasperation towards fashion’s wasteful practices and a dedication to positive social and environmental change, design veterans Genevieve Saylak and Corissa Santos are raising industry standards with their beautiful label Where Mountains Meet. Every step of the design and production process is executed with intention. Natural fibers, organic textiles, eco-friendly alpaca and non-toxic, plant based dyed fabric are consciously sourced. Versatility and minimal living are considered during the design phase. And better practices towards local and international manufacturing is prioritized during the final process – all of the woven collections are made in New York’s Garment district, while knitwear and handwoven textiles are made by artisans in India, Boliva and Guatemala. I love and respect the simplicity, sophistication and timelessness of the clothing. Some of my favorites from their spring collection include a gauzy cotton top with smocked sleeves, a white denim jumpsuit sourced from a heritage mill in North Carolina, and a cropped silk pant with a colorful print created in collaboration with Brooklyn painter Rachel Rickert. Kudos to this important brand that is moving environmental consciousness towards the new norm.

(Where Mountains Meet available to shop here)

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